Eric Omondi Reveals How Much Money He Made From Performing in Tanzania’s Biggest Stadium

Eric Omondi Reveals How Much Money He Made From Performing in Tanzania’s Biggest Stadium

Comedian Eric Omondi is indeed among the few local artists who are making it internationally. Eric has made a name for himself over the years through his comedy. Tanzanians happen to be one of Eric’s biggest fans. The flamboyant comedian performed at one of Tanzania’s National Stadium located in the Temeke in July 17th, 2021.
Going International
The stadium was filled to the brim, with over 46,000 people attending to watch Eric’s performance. Having such a huge audience in a foreign country shows the huge fan base that Eric has.

Anyway, Eric Omondi was recently mad at KFCB (Kenya Film Classification Board) boss Ezekiel Mutua, for terming him as broke. The KFCB boss also stated that Kenyan artists are broke and all they do is show off; yet they have nothing. The comedian responded by flaunting notes worth Ksh 3 Million, spreading them around his bedroom and captioning;
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    ”Tag Ezekiel na umwambie SHINDWE!!!!”
    This time, Eric has divulged the millions he has made through his performance in Tanzania. He also added that the event costed Ksh 17 Million. Speaking on Mungai Eve’s channel, he stated;
    ”Hiyo event ime cost Ksh 17, 500, 000. Magufuli alinyosha ile ivi. Kila kitu unafanya iko on records. Kufanya ile event. Ile pesa Eric Omondi ame make after all that, kulipa sound, kulipa stadium, kulipa security… Alafu pesa ile imebaki ni Ksh 3.6 Million.”
    Additionally, Eric challenged his fellow artists to fill a stadium like him and entertain over 46, 000 people. He claims that he’s the only African to ever achieve such a fete.

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