After announcing a social media break days ago, Kenyan entrepreneur and musician Esther Akoth is back with a new piece of advice to girls. Akothee’s endless advices on her Instagram page always seem to be contrary to how she lives her life.
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Practice What You Preach
Akothee’s love life has been a tumultuous one; hopping from one man to another. Akothee however, always manages to move on with her life; even though she has recently been expressing her desperation on social media.
She was recently giving us ideas after taking her manager for a getaway; which saw them take intimate photos, with Akothee captioning some of them with suggestive sentences.
Anyway, Akothee has given hermarriage advice on Instagram by writing;
Marriage is a beautiful thing ,it’s a commitment between two parties who have made up their minds to love cherish, support each other, bear children and have a happy family…
?Marriage doesn’t mean, someones son shouid be responsible for all your happiness. Both of you should contribute to the happiness of the family, never turn your husband into an Atm. Money is very sensitive, You should also work hard to contribute to the well being if the family ?. A man will respect you if you are positively contributing to the family well being ,it’s not about what you give him in bed ,that’s an icing on the cake ?…”


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