Savara: Why Sauti Sol had to take a break from each other

Savara: Why Sauti Sol had to take a break from each other

Delvin Savara Mudigi, one of Sauti Sol, has clarified that they have not disbanded the band, which has been a significant rock in the Kenyan music industry for almost two decades.

Speaking on Monday in an interview with presenter Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the talented artist revealed that the popular band Sauti Sol had taken a break.

Savara said he and two other band members decided to take a break after becoming so accustomed to each other that they didn’t have anything new to offer.

“I’ve lived my Sauti Sol life until we reached a point where we were so used to each other that we couldn’t bring any new magic,” Savara said.

He added, “Also, as mature men, we decided that the band needed a break. So, this isn’t breaking up the band. Breaking up the band would be something I don’t even want to hear, even if you mention Bien’s name here.”

The artist, who plans to release his EP soon, noted that their fans should be grateful for the music and great shows the band has given them over the many years they have been together.

However, he hinted that there is a possibility of fans seeing them working together again in the future.

“We’re reorganising. It’s good to take a break so you can gain new experiences. When Sauti Sol returns, we’ll bring you something different. It’s just a break for now,” he said.

Sauti Sol performed for the last time as a band at concerts held late last year.

Speaking at a joint interview with journalists in Nairobi before the concert, Bien mentioned the time they spent together as a marriage and the need to be free after seeing each other every day.

“This is the third time in three years; it’s been a journey. I heard one lady say it was the last show; it’s not the last; it’s a break. It’s a 20-year break of being together and seeing each other every morning, it’s like a marriage,” Bien said.

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