Abel Mutua And Wife Judy Nyawira Arrive In Australia For The Popular ‘Jyuuce Party’

Abel Mutua And Wife Judy Nyawira Arrive In Australia For The Popular ‘Jyuuce Party’

Content creator Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira have arrived in Australia for the third edition of their hugely popular Jyuuce Party.
The YouTuber, who now goes by the moniker ‘Mkurugenzi’, landed Down Under for a series of comedy shows as he seeks to bolster his foreign presence and bring his act directly to his diaspora fanbase.

The Jyuuce Party, which is in it’s third staging, basically sees the comedian perform a set of comedic material to a live audience. He also invites fans who could not attend the live show to watch it online – at a small fee.

Taking to Instagram, Mutua shared the entire trip’s experience with fans – from the comfort of the business class to the experience at Doha Airport and also, the luxury difference in some of the airlines he used.

“Touch Down! The Australian Border Force has seen us fit to roam your country. Sasa ni kuvuruga hii Sydney proper!” he wrote.

“My Brizzy folks I’ll be seeing you on Saturday. Pia huko ni kupiga kuua! This weekend is going to Rock! Mshahara ya Friday hamtarudi nayo nyumbani eeleletee. See you!” he wrote.

According to posters shared on his platforms, Mutua is slated to perform at a series of Australian cities including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

On 31st March, he will perform at the Springvale City Hall, in Melbourne where tickets are ranging from AU$87 (Ksh. 7,500) VIP to AU$65 (Ksh. 5,600) Silver.

Last October, the award-winning scriptwriter and actor’s daughter, Mumbua Mutua was moved to tears following her father’s roaring success at the second edition of “The Jyuuce Party”.

The creator shared a video which captured his daughter’s deeply emotional moment as she broke down, watching him perform to a soldout crowd.

“When the most important person in the household approves of your madness then mambo iko tu sawa. Last night was a dream guys! God really showed off through us, ” he then wrote.

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