Read Ex-KBC MD’s apology before CS Owalo sacked him

Read Ex-KBC MD’s apology before CS Owalo sacked him

Before being fired, Samuel Maina, the former acting managing director of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, expressed regret to State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication PS Edward Kisiangani and ICT CS Eliud Owalo.

According to a letter obtained by the Star, Maina acknowledged the error that CS Owalo had written in a letter addressed to the KBC board.

“I refer to a letter RE KHC/MD/5/42/A/C dated 18 December 2023 which was directly addressed to Mr. Matthew Vinall of Dentons UK, the law firm that represents KBC in LCIA Arhimation No. 12223. The letter was copied to your offices,” Maina’s letter read in part.

Maina pledged in the letter to reimburse the government US$ 5 billion in the Channel 2 Group Corporation versus Kenya Broadcasting Corporation LICA Arbitration No. 122233.

Owalo said the former acting MD blundered since he did not seek concurrence with the ministry, the National Treasury, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Department of Justice.

Maina acknowledged his error and notified the two supervisors that he had revoked the decision in a letter addressed to the CS and PS.

“I profusely apologize for not consulting yourself or the Principal Secretary in our ministry before doing the letter. I have also noted there was a grievous misrepresentation of the figure quoted in the letter.

I have forthwith withdrawn the letter and commit that such an error will not occur again.”

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