Trisha’s divorce plan is shuttered after lexy provides the evidence to all wealth

Trisha’s divorce plan is shuttered after lexy provides the evidence to all wealth

Tito and Sanchez supported each other. He says it’s irritating for a guy to do the dishes, so he needs to find a girl to do it for him. Sanchez asked Tito, About getting back together with Becky, would that work considering she's with Junior now?'' to which Tito replied,Honestly, if she moves away from me… “The more we are apart, the stronger my love becomes. Sanchez advised him to be careful not to let that happen.” The situation will be the same as before.

Tito then asked, teasing Sanchez. “So, what about you and Trisha?” This girl, there’s no way or time to deal with it. What about Sanchez and Trisha? ” Sanchez felt insulted, but what would he say?

At Chantel’s house, Trisha claims she just wants revenge, especially against the person who tipped Martha off about her. Chantel directly asked Trisha, “Did you do something to Martha?” and Trisha didn’t like the question at all. Before she could answer, Mo called Chantelle.

Mo calls Chantelle to calm her down and asks her why he acts like he won’t betray her if she betrayed him. Chantel reminded him, “If it wasn’t for me, you never would have made it to the villa. And once you got there, you started distancing yourself from me, right?” “I decided to be with someone who supports me.” That’s what Trisha is referring to.

Junior spoke to Becky in front of Lexi and Mo and expressed, “My love, I am ready to do anything for you.” So, after much thought, she decides to divorce Trisha to start over. Listen, I said this in front of you and Lexi. ” Becky was happy, but Lexi was petrified when she learned that if her Junior divorced, her property would go to Trisha and not Junior because it belonged to Lexi. Big mistake!

Lexi tells Moses of her plan to divorce Trisha as Junior is concerned about the division of her assets. But Moses chuckles and tells Lexi not to worry because someone wants to talk to her. “Who is he?” Imelia. Lexi was shocked and she called herself “Mom” without knowing that her Junior was listening. He misunderstands and asks Lexi, “Why do you call her ‘Mom’?”, but Lexi makes up her story and she replies that she was joking and was referring to Tito. She then asks Junior, “Why are you divorcing Trisha when you know what she wants?” and Junior replies that since she has no claim to her property, it’s her fault. She answered that it didn’t matter. Lexi replies, “No, if you want to divorce Trisha, go for it. But keep yours separate and leave ours alone,” but Junior warns her, ” Your job here is to relax and have fun. You have no say in this property. I’m the rightful owner, so behave or I’ll kick you out,” Lexi said. Defiantly replied, “You don’t have to kick me out. I’m going alone and I’ll be right back. Cake!”

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