Amount of Money Kenyan Actors Earn per Episode & Movie in 2024

Amount of Money Kenyan Actors Earn per Episode & Movie in 2024

Energized by the latest enhancements in Hollywood, the Kenya Performers Association has decided to reconsider its rates in a bid to change the portion model for performers the country over. This gigantic move comes as more than 160,000 Hollywood performers voiced stresses over lost remuneration and irrational pay.

Kenya Performers Society list update reflects changes in Kenya’s acting industry. This is the adjusted remuneration for Kenyan performers in TV series and movies in 2024.

TV Series Rate Update:

Talented performers in adjacent TV series will as of now obtain KSh 30,000 for every episode, while young performers will procure KSh 25,000 for each episode.

Wages of experienced players and young publicists will similarly augment; Experienced performers will get Ksh 20,000 for every episode, while energetic promoters will get Ksh 15,500.

Establishment performers with made positions will be paid Ksh 3,000, while extra things with non-talking position will be paid Ksh 1,500.

These movements reflect the Association’s commitment to seeing all performers regardless of what their part in the creation.

Overall affirmation of Kenyan performers:

Kenyan performers will get significantly more compensation accepting that they take on lead occupations in overall TV series.

The essential cast procures around US$2,500 (Ksh. 355,125) per episode, while the very supporting cast secures around US$2,000 (Ksh. 284,100) per episode.

Leaned toward costs for neighborhood films:

The workplace’s philosophy connects past TV undertakings to the close by amusement world.

Performers in neighborhood films will at present get Ksh 15,000 each day; This is an augmentation from Ksh 5,000 as of now.

Essentially, the ordinary settlement of key partners will in like manner increase by Ksh. 3,500 to Ksh. 12,000 consistently.

Head performers will as of now be paid Ksh 9,000 consistently, while youth support will be paid Ksh 9,000 consistently and both will be extended considering their previous remunerations, gaining Ksh 6,000 consistently.

These progressions are expected to ensure that new capacity isn’t misconstrued and is appropriately made up for their obligation to the inventive stream.


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