Taylor Swift’s Concert Film Rollout Plan Is Going To Make Her Much Richer

Taylor Swift’s Concert Film Rollout Plan Is Going To Make Her Much Richer

Just weeks after appearing in movie theaters around the world, Taylor Swift’s concert film is available to watch at home. The singer’s Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is now rentable on major platforms, which is sure to delight the superstar’s following. The title has already made Swift tens of millions of dollars–or maybe even $100 million or more–but now that the project has entered its renting era, the cash is sure to keep flowing.

Swift and her team have made a calculated and lucrative business move as they unleash Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour onto the world. For the moment, the movie is not available to buy. Instead, those who want to watch it now in the comfort of their own homes will have to rent it.

As it arrives on sites like Amazon AMZN and others, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour comes with a hefty price tag. The movie can be rented for $19.89. That’s the same price a ticket to see it in theaters cost. It might be pricey, but that figure probably won’t turn many people off, as fans will pay a premium to be able to watch it immediately.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was always going to perform well once it left theaters and became available for viewers everywhere. The title is one of the most talked-about and highest-grossing of 2023, and millions are eager to see it, either for the first time or perhaps to experience it again. Now that it’s only available to rent–and not own–that means some fans will have to cough up nearly $20 several times.

Even if the population that is open to paying that sum more than once is relatively small, they’re still going to contribute to the title’s overall success. There may be thousands of Swifties who will pay nearly $20 over and over, just so they can rewatch Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour whenever they want. They may do so entirely on their own or host viewing parties. Wherever their plan, they’re lining Swift’s pockets.

Swift has not yet stated when Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will be available to own. The movie may remain a rental-exclusive for only a short period, or, depending on its performance, the singer and her team may choose to keep it from being purchased outright for weeks, months, or perhaps forever.

Many major streaming platforms are also likely pitching Swift to become the home of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Again, the singer is remaining silent on such discussions, and there’s no word on who may be winning that race, if anyone. A company like Netflix NFLX or Amazon would surely be willing to pay millions for the honor, which will help the star make even more money from the title.

For the moment, Swift is surely thrilled with the money-generating machine that is Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. The concert film earned a quarter of a billion dollars at the global box office during its theatrical run, and that may be just the beginning. The “Blank Space” songwriter earned a huge portion of those grosses, thanks to smart marketing and business moves. Now, she’s bringing home millions more, simply by offering it to rent.

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