Nelly A Lady Who Canceled Her Wedding With Amos Rono 

Nelly A Lady Who Canceled Her Wedding With Amos Rono 

Nelly, the bride who recently called off her wedding with Amos in Bomet just a day before the eagerly awaited ceremony, is now seeking for Amos to publicly acknowledge him what she did.

Amos Rono, who found himself at the center of an unexpected wave of goodwill and support following the canceled wedding, has received offers such as a holiday in Mombasa and other promising prospects from well-wishers. The irony lies in Nelly’s expressed displeasure with the attention and opportunities that Amos is now receiving, suggesting that he should be grateful to her for purportedly opening doors of opportunity for him.

She said, “Anishukuru kama si mimi Hangejulikana” (He should be grateful; if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be known). These words have sparked controversy, leaving many questioning the nature of the opportunities Nelly believes she extended to Amos.How will Amos navigate the unexpected attention he is receiving? Feel free to share your opinion.

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