19 year old man who assaulted a traffic police officer in Nairobi has today arrived in court with broken jaw, broken wrist and is wearing a sling.

According to the information shared by Boniface Mwangi, Ian Njoroge, the teenage boy who has been trending for some time now is not in good health.

He says that the young boy has arrived at the Milimani Law Courts with a broken jaw, wrist and is wearing a sling, a clear indication that he was assaulted while in custody.

Mwangi says that Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, ODPP wants Ian Njoroge not released on bail.

He says that the ODPP has asked the court for 14 days to complete investigations to get a probation report but the magistrate has given them up to 2pm.

“The clowns, and jokers working for ODPP don’t want Ian Njoroge released on bail. They have asked the court for 14 days to get a probation report, but the magistrate has given them until 2pm. Ian has a broken jaw, and wrist. He is wearing a sling. Assaulted while in custody.” Mwangi said.

The young man is charged with attempted murder, causing bodily harm to officer in an official duty and robbery with violence.

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