The court has acquitted former Kenya Pipeline managing director Charles Tanui and fifteen others over charges of conspiring to defraud the parastatal of Sh644 million.

Anti-corruption Magistrate Felix Kombo said the conspiracy charge was not established adding that it cannot exist without there being an agreement between those accused.

He said there was no evidence within their distinct roles that the accused persons had a shared intention to defraud the Kenya Pipeline company.

The court however found some of the accused persons have a case to answer on other fraud-related charges.

They will have to defend themselves on these accusations.

The case is in respect of a tender for the supply of Hydrant Puit Valves complete with Under Hydrant Valves from Aero Dispenser Valves Company Limited as well as two-year operational spares.

The suspects were charged in December 2018 over the loss of public funds in the procurement of 58 Hydrant Pit Valves to replace faulty ones at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Hydrant pit valves are gadgets used for refuelling aircraft.

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