Reality TV star Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati in an emotional speech during the launch of his latest project dubbed The Bahati’s, Empire which is set to premiere on Netflix painfully recounted his roots and how hard he has worked to ensure he has a good life.

While addressing Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who was the guest of honour at his event, the singer walked the DP and all those in attendance down memory lane.

He emotionally recounted the events that unraveled leading him to seek refuge in a children’s home even though one of his parents was still alive and well.

“I come from a place called Mathare, that is where I used to live. In Ngei ward next to Huruma and your excellency I am a go-getter,” started off the father of 5.

He went on to recount how he lost his mom at such a young age which completely broke him and his siblings. The bad tidings did not end there, following his mom’s demise their dad remarried and took off leaving them to fend for themselves.

“I lost my mom when I was 7 years old… After losing my mom, my dad married again and then he moved out of the city and that is how I ended up at ABC Kenya Children’s Home. I studied there and when I was in class 8, I got a call… still at the children’s home.

All this time, I had never seen my dad. But I got a call to go bury him,” Bahati emotionally shared.

Finishing up, the digital content creator revealed even though his dad had abandoned them without a word he still honoured the call and went to say his last goodbye’s. And after the burial he made a deep vow to himself.

“I ran away from the children’s home so I’d get to attend the burial. And your excellency, one thing is I promised myself that day, is that… because my big brother Kioko was so bitter because he knew how badly life had treated us and how we had suffered in the slums.

But one thing I told myself is I will take advantage of every single opportunity offered to me. After the burial I went back to the children’s home until I cleared High School. Afterwards, I went back to the streets and I remember at one point I used to live at Mr. Seed’s mom’s house and then I joined music.

I am not the best vocalist in the country but in everything I do I have always ensured I do it to my level best,” the reality TV star shared as he marveled at how far he has come and how he ensured he fulfilled the vow he’d made and gave himself the life he’d dreamed off.

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