‘Its Sad’ Top News Anchor At KTN Sheds Light on Allegations of Kaswende in Nairobi Office

‘Its Sad’ Top News Anchor At KTN Sheds Light on Allegations of Kaswende in Nairobi Office

For the past few days, there have been rumours circulating around that the several staffers of the Standard Group at KTN had been infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

This led to speculations and left a section of Kenyans talking of what had happened at one of the most respected media houses in the country.

However it seems the stories were just allegations by some people with ill motives as the allegations have been disapproved by several parties including respected Swahili news anchor Ali Manzu.

Taking to his social media handles, Manzu stated that he was grateful for the many inquiries by several Kenyans who made calls and those who sent messages with the intention of knowing the truth.

He revealed that everything is fine at KTN and that the allegations circulating around were just false stories.

Ali Manzu further expressed his displeasure that some people could go to such an extent to make false stories about the media house while they are facing various economic challenges.

“It’s sad that some people can sit and come up with such fake news of insolvency yet we are all putting efforts to stay afloat. SGL will not go down, we will get back soon. As much as we have challenges, the young and energetic staff, are striving to make ends meet, collectively. It’s a painful process, but we cannot fall for fake news. Focus,” he said.

Source: https://twitter.com/Ali_Manzu/status/1773911712158105792?t=5FVwNsnkE_mjD_kBoqJsSA&s=19

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