Unapologetic King Tizian: TikToker’s Bestie Claps Back at Critics in Style

Unapologetic King Tizian: TikToker’s Bestie Claps Back at Critics in Style

Brian Chira’s best friend, Tizian, showed up at his burial in style on top of a car while waving at passers-by.However, after being called out, Tizian came out to respond and told off

Kenyans who referred to him as a woman.Some netizens encouraged him to keep living his life unbothered, while others still made fun of the viral sunroof moment at Chira’s burial.

Brian Chira’s best friend, Tizian Savage has clapped back at Kenyans a day after they called him out for how he showed up at the TikToker’s burial. Brian Chira’s bestie Tizian has reacted to his viral sunroof moments as he showed to bury the TikToker.

TUKO.co.ke reported that Tizian pulled up atop a luxurious car as he waved at passers-by who were puzzled by his arrival at the village to bury his buddy. What puzzled many was how happy he was by the process, yet many expected him to be sad because he was burying his closest friend.

At some point, he looked at people who were staring at him, wondering who he was and why he was waving at them.Why Tizian is unbothered after BFF’s burial criticism But, Tizian, has reacted to the viral video and told off Kenyans as he maintained nothing can beat his spirits.

In his words: “Yes, I was atop in a sunroof, so? I am Sofia, so? I have been left a widow, so? You all cannot make me feel bad. You know what? I have even posted a clear video on my page in that sunroof. The one I was waving at people like an MP. Go duet it and make it go viral. You all have no life.”

Here are some of the comments from social media users: @bungomafinest said: “Don’t mind them baby girl. You will get another one.” @Jackie Breezy said: “Being a public figure in Kenya is for the strong men.

Take heart Tizian.” @Jessy said: “Keep this in mind for me Tizian. Mtu ulio na matunda ndio hupigwa mawe. So just know you are better than them na wivu inawaumiza.” @Rosemary Ikiara said: “Silence is the best solution.”

@kkary02 said: “Tizian minding his own business and being proud of the name that was made by his best friend.” @Hope said: “Do not mind what people say.” @sall said: “The same people trolling him are the same people hyping him.” @Kanyambu said: “All in all, you are unique and wenye wivu wajinyonge.”

@Doreen said: “You are handsome King Tizian, achana na haters.” @fellu said: “I love the comeback king. Hawana maisha hawa.” Sue said: “No wivu, which is very clear. Sad thing is some of these people are old enough to be your parents.”

What you need to know about Tizian, Chira’s connection Tizian became famous courtesy of his best friend Chira, and he was present till the last minute when he was laid to rest.

After news emerged of Chira’s passing, Tizian could not hold his emotions as he was recorded crying while viewing his body for the last time.

During his bestie’s burial, a video emerged of women going gaga after spotting him, with many commending his looks. He also came out to deny claims that he was dating Chira and shut down any rumours that he was gay.

Source: TUKO.co.ke Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/entertainment/celebrities/543208-brian-chiras-bff-king-tizia-unapologetic-showing-burial-atop-car-hamna-maisha/

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