DJ Mo addresses alleged beef with DJ Sadic

DJ Mo addresses alleged beef with DJ Sadic

Rumors of a rift between the two pioneers in the urban gospel deejaying have swirled among their fanbase suggesting a possible beef that could have soured their longstanding partnership.

In a candid interview with TV 47, DJ Mo cleared the air, as he offered a glimpse into the depth of his relationship with DJ Sadic and their collaborative journey.

“We have been friends from day one, you know I started deejaying a year before him because he was finishing form four before he started deejaying. I even taught the advanced side of deejaying, we joined system unit together and slowly we even developed an academy.” DJ Mo shared.

DJ Mo also revealed that their collaboration extended to their system unit, where they not only honed their skills but also ventured into nurturing talent through an academy they developed together.

Despite the two taking different paths later on with DJ Sadic founding Genius Entertainment Group – DJ Mo emphasized that their bond remains unbroken.

“There’s no beef between us. In fact, were in talks about him assisting me with training, given his change in physique.” DJ Mo clarified dispelling any notions of discord.

The DJ and his wife, gospel singer Size 8 are set to make a comeback to the screens with their new reality show, love in the Wild, which will be part of TV 47s line up of original programming.

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