Amber Ray loves the attention she gets from the media and public alike, be it negative or positive.
The mother of one doesn’t seem to mind playing the role of villain in the story and even seems to glory in it.
Since her move from Syokimau to her new home in Hurlingham, the socialite seems to be in a better headspace. And who can blame her after the constant fights with Jamal’s first wife, Amira?
Yesterday, Amber who got married to Jamal Rohosafi decided to engage her fans and followers in a highly instructive Q and A.
One of the bombshell questions she received was whether she would be having Jamal’s baby?
She responded, “This is something people have been bugging me about…tunataka mtoto msichana (we want a baby girl) but it is God’s timing and for me. It is kinda like I have phobia ya kupata mtoto saa hizi (giving birth now).”
Jimal and Amber ray Courtesy
She added that she believed that God’s timing was best. “I think God’s timing is the best. Akiingia ni sawa. Atacome tuu (If I conceive well and good). God’s plan,” she explained.


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