Business man Chris Kirubi died on Monday afternoon at his Nairobi home.
The Media mogul, was surrounded by his close family members when he took his last breathe.
Kirubi died at the age of 80.
In his final days, Kirubi was a single man after divorcing his wife in 1991.
Last year, Kirubi told Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill that he is very cautious about marriage, because it can enslave someone.
“If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women, who are like they first went to the army before you married them because they are full of fighting mood.
It is by luck you get such a nice wife, God has to bless you. But if you are not Jesus! You will regret and you are already in jail.
“Marriage is enslavement you have to be careful; you have to agree into going to slavery and to go to jail. But not to go in to taste and to go out, it is a permanent affair you are jailed for life,” Kirubi said on Churchill Show.
Other than leaving a huge business empire behind, Kirubi also leaves two children, a son and a daughter.
His daughter lives in Kenya, working with Haco Industries and his son working for DHL in Brussels.


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