Mama Jimmy used social media to inform his fans that he and his family had landed in America without incident.

Additionally, he responded to internet users who had advised him to keep his family’s affairs and plans private by saying he trusted in God’s protection.

As they continued to get congratulations from Kenyans, others advised the American guy to look after his family while they adapted to life in the.

Baba Jimmy, a pastor and content developer, expressed his happiness at his family’s arrival in the US. Baba Jimmy posted a video of himself and his wife taking a leisurely stroll around American streets on TikTok.

In addition, he expressed gratitude to everyone who had prayed for him and his family and promised to keep them informed about their lives in America.

“Our journey took us there securely. It was God. We prayed a lot for the passport issue, and it came through just in time. We are grateful to God that we made it safely.

Baba Jimmy stated, “We also thank God for everyone who prayed for us; we really appreciate it. Additionally, he criticized people who had been telling them to keep their private lives quiet.

Particularly after he revealed that his children had not received their visas. The man of God revealed that he will not be afraid of what people are capable of because God is his basis.

Here are a few responses from people on social media: In the words of @Queen Shariff, “Wacheni Mama Jimmy an enjoy US.” said @Tsisika: “Amen.

Baba Jimmy, God alone is exalted. Kindly look after our sister.” @Annelsy stated: “Just one month and watoto wao wataanza kuongea kizungu na accent.”

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