Njambi Koikai, also known as Fyah Mummah, was buried in Nairobi’s Lang’ata Cemetery. Hundreds of people attended her burial, and feelings were running hot at the Lee Funeral Home, where her body was stored.

Photos and video of the valiant farewell that the reggae emcee received were gathered by TUKO.co.ke.On Friday, June 14, celebrated reggae rapper Njambi Koikai was laid to rest at Nairobi’s Lang’ata Cemetery.

Njambi waged a long, arduous battle before passing away from endometriosis-related complications. TUKO.co.ke has assembled poignant photos from her funeral.

At Lee Funeral Home, emotions are running high Before a brief service was held, friends, family, and the media gathered at the morgue to observe Njambi’s body.

As the mourners bid farewell to the departed media celebrity, tears were abundant. After seeing Njambi’s remains, a woman passed out and needed the on-site doctors to help her.

Actress Awinja, a close friend of the dead, was captured on camera sobbing uncontrollably in the morgue due to an emotional breakdown.

Later, Awinja told the media, “At least she is resting.” The agony has stopped. She used to cover up her hurt. However, I will miss her.

Her mother’s tearful arrival at the service was captured on camera during the Lee Funeral Home event. Wearing a red shuka and a black dress, Njambi’s mother needed assistance to walk since she was so distraught.

She sat, her palm resting on her face, seemingly lost in concentration. A reggae song in her honor was played, and everyone at the Lang’ata Cemetery started dancing.

As the emcee, Mbusii recruited a wide range of speakers, including Senator Gloria Orwoba and sports journalist Bernard Ndong. Orwoba announced that First Lady Rachel Ruto would erect a center dedicated to endometriosis in her honor.

The dying moments of Njambi were described by her uncle, who was by her side when she passed away. He revealed that Njambi gave him a wave just before she passed away.

At her funeral, hundreds of Njambi’s admirers arrived to provide her a respectable farewell. In one video that went viral, onlookers saw a man yelling her name.

The individual was taking a jab at a standing police officer. She was victorious. Pointing to the police, he remarked, “You come nowhere close.”

Since many police officers were stationed across the cemetery to keep everything in order, security was tight at the burial.

Njambi’s coffin had two black-clad private bodyguards standing nearby, keeping security. But as her body was put into the grave, chaos broke out, and the security personnel struggled to keep the throng under control.

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