Stivo Simple Boy Chased Out of His House in BuruBuru Days After Spending Sh 200K on Betty Kyalo

Stivo Simple Boy Chased Out of His House in BuruBuru Days After Spending Sh 200K on Betty Kyalo

Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy has found himself in dire straits once again, this time facing eviction from his residence in BuruBuru days after making headlines for splurging Sh 200,000 on a date with media personality Betty Kyallo.

On Tuesday, Stevo Simple Boy manager, Chingi Boy, shared a cryptic message on his Instastory, hinting at discord between him and the musician.

Chingi Boy revealed that despite his efforts to support Stivo’s career, he encountered resistance from Stivo’s family members, ultimately leading to the musician’s eviction from his BuruBuru home.

In an exclusive interview with, Chingi disclosed that Stivo was forcibly removed from his house by his own siblings, who subsequently took over the residence.

This development marks a significant setback for Stivo Simple Boy, who had previously received support from Mumias East MP Peter Salasya, who offered to cover his rent back in July 2023.

It was reported that Salasya’s assistance led to Stivo moving to Donholm. However, Chingi clarified that Salasya did not facilitate Stivo’s relocation to Donholm but instead helped him secure accommodation in Buru Buru.

Chingi further explained that while Salasya covered the deposit and rent, he was the one who orchestrated the move and advised against giving Stivo direct financial assistance.

Despite the efforts to resolve Stivo’s housing situation, Chingi Boy expressed frustration with the ongoing conflicts and decided to step back from managing the musician.

He confirmed that he had alerted the caretaker to give Stivo’s brother vacation notice and expressed disappointment that he was still footing the bills for a residence occupied by someone else.

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