Stivo Simple Boy Moves Back to Kibera After His Buruburu House Is Allegedly Taken By Family

Stivo Simple Boy Moves Back to Kibera After His Buruburu House Is Allegedly Taken By Family

The manager of singer Stivo Simple Boy publicly announced that the singer’s family was at odds with him. But according to Chingi Boy in a special interview, Stivo had returned to Kibera, with his brother having taken over his Buru Buru residence. Additionally, Stivo acknowledged to that he had returned to Kibera, but he would not provide any other information about his circumstances. After being evicted from his Buru Buru home, aspiring singer Stivo Simple Boy is back in Kibera.

His problems were made public when Chingi Boy, the musician’s manager, implied that he had dumped the musician in a mysterious Instagram post. Has the Simple Boy Stivo been kicked out? He stated that even though he was trying to support the troubled musician’s career, Stivo’s family was fighting with him.

Chingi disclosed in an exclusive interview with that his siblings had taken Stivo from his Buru Buru home and replaced him. The artist’s family is battling me, and all I was attempting to do was support their son.

They have now brought him back to Kibera. “Stiko is just grinning, not speaking,” he remarked. The Freshi Barida crooner moved to Donholm after Mumias East MP Peter Salasya offered to pay KSh 10,000 in rent for him back in July 2023. But his manager told, in response to a question about how he moved, “Salasya never took him to Donholm.”

After introducing him to Salasya, I told him not to give him money and instead to buy the household goods and give them to him. I was the one who drove him to Buru Buru. I am the one who pays for the house even though his brother now resides there after he was kicked out. Salasya only covered the rent and the deposit.”

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