For some reason talented artists in Kenya rarely get the recognition they need – that is if they have no connections. Those that get air play either have people-who-know-people or sing vulgar music; and I guess this is why the music industry in the country keeps heading south.
So far we have a few artists who know what they are doing in the music industry; and that is the likes of Otile Brown, Masauti among others.
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Apart from these two, turns out that their is another singer known as K Rhyme Classic who not only has an angelic voice; but writes down his lyrics like his life depends on it.
Music journey
Having started his music career as an underground artist back in 2016; K Rhyme Classic perfected his art in music and in just a few months he caught the attention of one Tanzanians top lyrists and crooner -Top C- who took him to TZ to help grow his Music.
Singer K Rhyme Classic
K Rhyme however returned back to Nairobi in 2017 and at the time he was able to record 3 songs dubbed Siri, Moyo and Ufisadi. Luckily for him, the songs managed to catch the attention of Usanifu Music C.E.O who signed him immediately under his recording label.
New project
For his new project under Usanifu music, K Rhyme has dropped a new song dubbed Ben Ten; and just like the title, this song is self explanatory.
However what makes Ben Ten interesting is how he managed to come up with well thought lyrics; that speak to the heart – and yes, neither did he feature any vulgar content.
K Rhyme Classic about to change Kenyan music industry
The video speaks for itself in terms of quality and the dark skinned vixen featured makes it even more tasteful. Clearly with a talent like that of K Rhyme, the Kenyan music industry should already be getting some recognition!


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