Content creator Naomi Kuria says Sauti Sol’s Bien acted free of charge in a viral video that shows the singer’s role as a tenant.
She inboxed him requesting a collabo.
“It was a miracle that he replied. He said he loved my work. He did it free of charge. He is very kind and easy. He takes instructions.”
She had started working with ‘Sinema za Shiti’ in 2019 before moving to Auntie Jemimah creatives.
Speaking about her recent feature in singer Ala C’s music video together with Omosh Kizangila, she said, “I was cast as a woman who is not ready to get married to the man who loves her but instead is blown away by wealthy men.”
She said Omosh felt appreciated even in the midst of condemnation.
“I’m trying to support him with content creation. I’ve asked him to create his own YouTube channel.”
She has credited her success to Gukena radio presenter Auntie Jemimah.
Speaking exclusively, Kuria said, “When I met her, she said she loved my character and would like to work with me. We did a video that went viral and I signed a contract under her company.”
Adding, “Helped more than I can even tell. She is like the people you never realise you have until you have them.”
Kuria went on to say she learnt to take others seriously and keep time. “She has put value in my work and pays me enough. She appreciates me.”
She looks forward to working for as a ‘serious’ actress and not a comedian.
“I am not going to do comedy for the rest of my life. I want to venture into serious production as an actress and not a comedian,” she said.
“Comedy has just paved a way for me to acting.”


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