A Video of Charity Ngilu touching a young man’s beard has circulated on social media, sparking mixed reactions from Kenyans.

The short video showed Charity Ngilu suggestively touching the young man’s beards leaving her audience in stitches.

Ngilu who was speaking at church during the celebration of the life of Larry Kasinga Kimanzi summoned the young man forward. The young man walked and stood next to the former Kitui Governor.

However the young man’s beards suddenly got the attention of Charity Ngilu who was left praising the young. Ngilu praised him as she touched his beards leaving her audience in stitches.

“You know you are a very very impressive young man na ata munaanza kuweka….you know..I don’t know” Ngilu said as she touched the young man’s beard leaving the crowd in stitches and the young man smiling sheepishly.

This video has caused mixed reactions with a section of Kenyans concluding that ladies have a thing for bearded men.

@Jemutai: Kaluki ni kama anasema..can we do Maldives? Beard gang always winning.

@Dominic: Women they love men with beards. Ni kama amependa hasemi hahaha. Below are more reactions;


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