Alinur Mohammed shared that a large crowd of Kenyans converged at the Milimani Law Court to witness Ian Njoroge’s case unfold. Sadly, police officers affiliated with the ODPP adamantly opposed granting Ian bail, insisting on a 14-day extension to procure a probation report. However, the magistrate only granted them until 2 pm to fulfill this request.

Ian’s harrowing ordeal came to light as he revealed the extent of his injuries—a fractured jaw and wrist—inflicted upon him during his time in police custody. This revelation sparked a groundswell of support for Ian, with the entire nation standing in solidarity against the alleged police brutality.

A wave of empathy swept through Kenya, as many who had endured similar mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement officers expressed unwavering support for Ian, pledging their allegiance to his cause.

In a startling turn of events, it was disclosed that eight officers from the Kasarani Police station, the same unit responsible for Ian’s arrest, found themselves on the other side of the law. Accused of engaging in robbery with violence and other offenses, these officers now find themselves detained within the confines of the very station they once served.This development sent shockwaves across the country, serving as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of police misconduct and the urgent need for accountability within the law enforcement ranks.

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