“Prepare For War” Haiti Gang Leader ‘Barbecue’ Sends Chilling Message as Deployment Date Draws Near

“Prepare For War” Haiti Gang Leader ‘Barbecue’ Sends Chilling Message as Deployment Date Draws Near

Haiti’s notorious gang leader, Jimmy Cherizier, also known as Barbecue, has issued a strong warning as the deployment of security forces looms closer following the swearing-in of the presidential transitional council.

Barbecue cautioned the new council to prepare for a heightened level of conflict following its assumption of power from former Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Reports indicate that the gang leader expressed concerns over being excluded from discussions regarding the transition, hinting at the possibility of a coup if his demands were not addressed.

“Whether or not you’re installed, this message is for you: Brace yourselves,” Barbecue declared.

Shortly after Barbecue issued his threats, gunfire erupted in the vicinity, signaling the gang’s resolve to resist the new regime.

During his warning, Barbecue urged the presidential transitional council to rethink their decisions, vowing to vehemently oppose them. He aimed to thwart any foreign intervention that the council might solicit.

Under Barbecue’s leadership, the Haiti gang has been accused of numerous atrocities, including sexual assault, ransom kidnappings, and indiscriminate killings.

Barbecue’s message coincided with President William Ruto’s acknowledgment of the new council, reaffirming Kenya’s commitment to supporting Haiti.

In March of this year, the gang leader issued a comparable warning to the Kenyan police, pledging to resist their deployment.

Barbecue declared that he would view the Kenyan police as invaders, accusing them of encroaching on the sovereignty of the strife-torn nation.

“We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence,” Barbecue stated.

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