Everything was leading him to this moment-Lynne heaps praises on Eric Omondi

Everything was leading him to this moment-Lynne heaps praises on Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi’s baby mama Lynne Njiha has praised the comedian for his philanthropic ways adding seeing him on the ground helping people makes her love for him grow even more.

Lynne, who is a digital content creator and stay at home mom opened up about how big she is on family thus seeing her man come through for families just tugs at something in her heart. She also praised the former comedian noting everything he has done in life from his skits to leading demonstrations have been shaping him up leading to this moment.

“I feel amazing (seeing him working on Sisi kwa Sisi) because you know most of the times Eric touches on families and I am very big on family. I love family, a lot.

So the moment I see him being compassionate enough to help people it makes me actually love him even more, like kabisaa kabisaa,” the mother of one said during an interview with SPM Buzz.

On if she ever sits down and reflects on how far the 42-year-old former Churchill Show comedian and if she feels what he is doing right now is way better than what he used to do before which includes Sarakasi, drama and leading maandamano, the 23-year-olddigital content creator revealed she feels no shame in anything her man has ever put himself out there to do.

“Everything he does… like there is no better or worse. Everything Eric has done in his life, everything it was leading him up to this point. I believe ako tu sawa and I appreciate every move he has made.

Like Maandamano gave birth to Sisi kwa Sisi, if he hadn’t gone on protests who knows… everything is intertwined like a spider web,” Lynne said candidly as she blushed with pride.

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