“Ni Mungu” Man Who Predicted Brian Chira’s Death In Viral Facebook Post Denies Practising Witchcraft

“Ni Mungu” Man Who Predicted Brian Chira’s Death In Viral Facebook Post Denies Practising Witchcraft

Tiba Asilia, a Facebook user, recently found himself in the spotlight after making a startling prediction about the death of TikTok star Brian Chira.

Asilia’s post on December 6, 2023, sent shockwaves through social media as he claimed to foresee Chira’s untimely demise, along with other notable figures.


However, amidst the viral sensation, Asilia faced backlash and accusations of involvement in witchcraft.

Responding to the criticism, Asilia vehemently denied any association with witchcraft, stating that his predictions were simply insights granted to him by a higher power.

Tragically, Asilia’s prediction about Chira’s death proved accurate, as the TikTok sensation passed away in a car accident.

Despite the eerie accuracy of his prediction, Asilia maintained that his abilities were not rooted in witchcraft but rather divine intervention.

Asilia urged social media users to refrain from speculating about his personal beliefs and instead focus on offering prayers and support to those affected by the loss.

He specifically called for prayers for Lucy Natasha, a senior pastor at Empowerment Christian Church Nairobi.

A video emerged showing Chira wearing an Arsenal jersey shortly before his fatal accident.

The footage, captured outside a club, depicted Chira smiling and enjoying himself with a friend, providing a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability.

Asilia’s viral post and the subsequent events surrounding Chira’s death sparked widespread debate and reflection on the nature of fate and spirituality.

While some hailed Asilia as a prophet, others remained skeptical, questioning the source of his insights.

In response to the criticism, Asilia emphasized that predicting someone’s death did not equate to witchcraft.

He urged netizens to refrain from engaging in divisive discourse and instead focus on honoring Chira’s memory.

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