Premonition? Video Of Brian Chira Talking About 16 As Significant Date To Him, Surface Online

Premonition? Video Of Brian Chira Talking About 16 As Significant Date To Him, Surface Online

The news of Brian Chira’s untimely demise left many expressing their grief and condolences on social media platforms.

However, a video of Brian Chira talking about having marked date 16th on his calendar, describing it as a significant date to him, has re-emerged on social media.

Chira, known for his vibrant presence on TikTok, captured the hearts of many with his infectious energy and authentic content.

Did Brian Chira have a premonition?

Chira shot to fame after he witnessed a road accident in which eight people died and 16 were injured. The accident happened on December 16, 2022, and coincidentally, Chira died on March 16, 2023, same date years later, leaving netizens in shock.

His sudden departure due to a tragic road accident along Ruaka-Ndenderu Road in Kiambu County left his fans and followers devastated.

In the video, he narrated how the accident occurred, sharing gory details of the victims. A video from one of his past interviews talking about the accident date has re-emerged on social media, with many speculating that he had a premonition.

Tributes poured in from all corners, as Kenyans mourned the loss of a young talent who had shown immense potential.

“I witnessed an accident on December 16th. I marked it on my calendar because that was the day that Chira was launched to the world,” he said

Reacting to the video, a netizen said: “Numerology.”

Another wrote: The same date he was launched to the world is the exact date he left the world. RIP Chira.”

Through his TikTok videos, Chira had become a beacon of hope for many, offering encouragement and support to those who needed it most.

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