Anne Tracy, the ex-girlfriend of renowned comedian Erastus Ayieko Otieno alias Flaqo, has in the last few hours or so been pissed off by some netizens.

This is because of how they have been endlessly trolling her for how she has been sharing her n*des online with some people who are willing to pay, and therefore making money from it.

Anne Tracy opened up about this via recent posts on her instagram stories, where she even shared a screnshot of a DM that she had received from one netizen.

Well the screenshot showed how the person had trolled her by calling her a s3x worker, and further claimed that she was just chasing for fame after she disclosed few weeks ago that she was indeed the ex-lover of Flaqo.

Anne Tracy however furiously responded by admitting that she was indeed making her money that way.

However disclosed that it is the only way that she can cater for the needs of her 5-year-old son as she has no job now.

The mother of one further urged netizens to stop judging others for what they do, without knowing why exactly they are doing it.

“Kindly before urushe mdomo, elewa kwanza…hapa me stafti clout…before ata nikulikane I was doing the same shit…hiyo ndio hustle yangu for awhile ni mal*aya wa online na nakubali sikatai…me sikuambia watu wanipost nijulikane..ata sikujua ilifikaje huko…”

Anne Tracy added:

“but before ujudge, just story kwanza…elewa mbona nafanya iyo story…hustle ni hustle…me stafuti clout..najaribu kulisha mtoto jameni. I’m a single parent, hakuna kazi sijafanya ii dunia na ndo nifike hapa alot has happened…ni bahati bado sijazikwa..

So please please…wacha kuongea ujinga…kama unaona ni ufala nafanya basi nipee kazi ama unilelee mtoto…I won’t let my child starve to death nikiwa na mwili fity yenye naezauza, si ata heri mimi kuliko wale wana uku nje na kupewa magonjwa, mimi niko safe kwangu..nobody is getting hurt.

Image ata ikiharibika bora mtoto ako sawa, anakula, akona place ya kulala na anaenda shule…”.
In another post, Anne Tracy opened up on how the hurtful comments from netizens have been leaving her silently depressed.

She even disclosed that she has been contemplating to commit suicide several times and nearly had a mental breakdown because of the endless trolling.

“You humans just drive people to suicide…sasa mimi nimekosea wapi mtu jameni. It’s my videos, it’s my body that I’m selling…its not anyone’s business..mi najaribu kuhustle…mtu apo anakuna na matusi inbox. Its not the first, it’s not even the second time. Hamjachoka kuniinsult 🥺…”

“Y’all don’t know what people go through behind closed doors. Mnaona huku nje tunapost. In all my life I had never imagined taking a picture of myself naked, let alone post one.

I’ve been trying for so long to keep things together, one mental breakdown after another, heavy on antidepressants. One time I almost lost it. Like karibu ziraruke, my mum and my best friend had to hold me down literally kwa nguvu. Just because I wouldn’t stop hitting my head on the wall trying to get that feeling out of my head. Kidogo nigejipata Mathare or wherever they take these crazy people. You should all stop with the negative comments 💔” she wrote.

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