Lovers Of Becky In Citizen TV Must Know This About Trisha And Where She Gets Her Wealth From

Lovers Of Becky In Citizen TV Must Know This About Trisha And Where She Gets Her Wealth From

Citizen TV has been there for entertainment and it has been in the front line bringing more Kenyan movies mostly swahili movies. It was Maria then Sultana and now Becky where by we get Trisha acting their as a girlfriend to Junior.

Her really name is Trisha Khalid and she is best known as a Kenyan actress, businesswoman and a local media personality. She is known from the movie she was acting as Ruby in ‘Kovu’. She is currently playing the role of Trisha in Citizen TV show ‘Becky’.

In a recent interview, Trisha disclosed that she was born in 1994 in Likoni. Trisha grew up in Likoni where by she first started acting in Maisha magic show. The role of acting came after she was approached by Lulu Hassan but she wanted to turn down the offer. She later insisted to give a trial.

Trisha was later nominated to be the best lead actress at Kalasha Awards in 2020. Now Trisha is a famous social media personality with offer 600k followers in Instagram and also in Tiktok. She owns an online fashion business known as Trendy collection.

According to her, she did not struggle to achieve her acting career since it just happened. She was just given an offer by Lulu Hassan. Recently she took on her Instagram page to thank Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla referring to them as boss.

Trisha is known as a business lady and an actress so it is believed that most of her wealth comes from her acting career and businesses like the online fashion business that she owns. Trisha is just 28 years and she grew up in Likoni. She did not disclose her spouse or her networth during the interview.

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