Citizen Tv Cuts Dennis Itumbi Off Air Upruptly After Controversial Remarks

Citizen Tv Cuts Dennis Itumbi Off Air Upruptly After Controversial Remarks

Moments after the High Court delivered its final verdict on the murder case of former businesswoman Monica Kimani, the family and friends of former television news anchor Jacque Maribe addressed the press.

Among those who led the family in press address included Maribe’s lawyer Katwa Kigen, her mother and father as well as her friends. The address was covered by media stations among them Citizen Tv.

However, after Jackie Maribe finished giving her reaction to the ruling, her close friend Dennis Itumbi quickly took to the stage to address the press. Itumbi, who was quietly standing behind Maribe, asked for an opportunity to give his views as well.

However, he was cut short by Citizen TV moments after he started speaking. This was after Itumbi dragged the name of former Interior PS Karanja Kibicho into the mix.

“I wish to say something, this country for a few years had a rogue DCI boss George Kinoti. Kinoti was behind the whole of this case, was behind the arrest…” stated Itumbi before he was cut off air.


This was because the station did not want to air unsubstantiated claims from Itumbi, when the court had pronounced itself on the matter.

Maribe on her part, opted to say little, only encouraging Kenyans to read a Bible verse found in the book of John 8:32.

Her parents emphasized on the need for the media to report accurate information, claiming that some of the reports which were being reported about their daughter were malicious and false

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