Kamene Goro claps back at fans saying she is pregnant

Kamene Goro claps back at fans saying she is pregnant

Popular media figure Kamene Goro has refuted recent internet rumors that she is expecting a child.

Kamene clarified the reports of pregnancy while giving her admirers an update on her life, including her health.

Following Kamene’s birthday celebrations, there were circulating suspicions among netizens regarding her physical state.

Kamene was upset by these presumptions, especially the one about her gait, which some thought was due to pregnancy.

“I’ve seen a lot of comments, and speculation about how I was walking on my birthday… that I’m pregnant,” she wrote in an Instagram story in response to the problem. Come on, guys—those opinions are so naive and unfounded.

Kamene explained that she is still recovering from knee surgery that she had earlier in the year, which is the reason for her changed stride.

“You may recall that I underwent knee surgery in January. I haven’t taken a stroll in a while. I started attempting to walk without using my crutches. Sincerely, it’s been such a challenging recuperation,” she said.

Kamene also exhorted people to seek the truth rather than drawing hasty judgments based on ignorance. She continued, “Before you talk from a point of ignorance… just find out what’s up, or even just ask.”

It is not the first time Kamene has had to refute reports that she is expecting. Similar claims occurred not too long after she married her companion DJ Bonez, which was about a year ago.

At a Nakuru event she was organizing, Kamene dared those spreading the word to confirm for themselves by touching her stomach.

“And those who say I’m pregnant, please feel free to come to Chilis to confirm,” she demanded.

In light of cultural pressures, Kamene stressed the significance of having a stable financial situation prior to establishing a family.

“I want to send my children to an expensive but better school than the one I attended. I’m not getting pregnant right now, guys. I can’t afford it,” she said.

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