“Si Hii Mwaka Anakipitia” Stivo Simple Boy, In An Interview Breaks Silence Reveals His Suffering

“Si Hii Mwaka Anakipitia” Stivo Simple Boy, In An Interview Breaks Silence Reveals His Suffering

Stivo Simple Boy, a popular singer, recently had to move back to Kibera, a large informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, after facing difficulties with his housing situation in Buru Buru. His troubles started becoming public when his manager, Chingi Boy, posted a message online suggesting he was no longer working with Stivo. The main issue seems to be disagreements and conflicts within Stivo’s family, which led to his eviction from the Buru Buru house. His brother has since taken over the residence.

Stivo confirmed to TUKO.co.ke that he has indeed returned to Kibera but chose not to share more details about his situation. Previously, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya had offered to support Stivo by paying his rent, a gesture that helped him move to a better living situation temporarily. However, according to Chingi, it was he who facilitated Stivo’s move to Buru Buru, not Salasya.

The situation took another turn when Chingi decided he would no longer manage Stivo, citing the ongoing family disputes as a major hindrance. Meanwhile, Stivo’s plight caught the attention of YouTuber Director Trevor, who has offered to help him begin creating content for YouTube, a move that has garnered support from the online community.

Stivo Simple Boy’s journey reflects the challenges faced by many artists, where success can sometimes be overshadowed by personal and family issues. Despite these setbacks, the community’s support for Stivo shows the positive impact of solidarity and the hope that he will overcome these challenges to continue his music career.



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