This morning Jalang’o dedicated his wake up call segment to one, Joseyang, a Kiss FM die hard fan and an upcoming artist.
Jalang’o lauded Joseyang’s efforts and resilience in pushing his music everyday and the zeal to fund raise towards the song’s music video.
He said, the young family man believes he is the best in his craft and nothing is stopping him from going after his dreams.
“It shows you how he believes in this craft and that this is the song that is gonna get him out there.” Said Jalang’o.
He added,
If all of us had the kind of belief in yourself where you believe you are the best. I own this, this is about me, I am giving it my all then we would be far. Joseyang I appreciate you keep pushing and keep doing this.”
Jalas wasn’t done yet as he went ahead to play Joseyang’s song on Kiss FM. What a better way to lift a young hard working guy’s spirits on a Friday morning!


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