Jalang’o’s wake up call segment is all about good vibes and giving you hope and that extra push to keep going.
Today’s message was all about picking yourself up not being afraid to start all over again.
“When life keeps attacking you but you don’t care anymore, when life keeps hitting you hard but you don’t care anymore because you have been down but now it is your time to wake up.” Said Jalang’o.
Once you fall to the pit end you can decide to keep digging down or start coming up.
Jalang’o says that it is OK to admit things are not working out and start all over again. As long as you are alive you can always restart again but there is no room or time to give up.
His advice goes to those facing evictions, auctioneers and those struggling with school fees arrears and business losses.
The presenter prayed for those going through tough times to find a way to navigate and rise again.
“We are not giving up because it is not our portion and we are praying God that your doors open and may you start again.” He said.


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