“In Honour Of The Baby I Lost, I Started This Foundation, Nadia Mukami Discloses

“In Honour Of The Baby I Lost, I Started This Foundation, Nadia Mukami Discloses

For a long time now musicians Arrow Boy and Nadia mukami have been serving couple goals. They are young parents and have been through the amazing journey of parenthood. Being celebrities especially musicians and parents is quite tough balancing the two to ensure they are present and their child gets quality time from both parents.

Unfortunately they lost their first child , after Nadia Mukami had a miscarriage which tore up their hearts into pieces but they moved on regardless.Nadia opened up on the ordeal and it inspired her to start the Lola and Safari foundation.

Fate had taken a tragic turn against them but then God blessed them with another child (Kai ) who is healthy and sound.Nadia had even dedicated a song titled Kai for her son.They are now coping up with parenthood and still working on some of their music projects taking Kenyan music to another level.

On Sunday, being the world’s Mother’s day , Nadia mukami and Arrow Boy were being asked a few questions about parenting and how they are coping up in the music industry. Arrow Boy expressed his gratitude to Nadia mukami for being a wonderful mother to his child and has been a great wife to him.

Nadia revealed that Arrow Boy has been extremely contributive to Lola and Safari foundation being behind so many ideas and what should be done to push the foundation.

Nadia was asked on how the parenting journey has been how the experience is and she shared her opinions. She said that it gets better with time , at first it was kind of tough to her but it got better as the baby grew. She also said she misses the pregnancy journey and after being asked about plans on having baby number two, she said she’ll have maybe in the next one or two years , because it’s time consuming but having kids is not a problem. Despite that she said motherhood is great and she wholly embraces the journey.

Her story is really an inspiration to young parents out here and also music artists.what are your views on this? Leave a comment thank you.


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