Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka now says being a mother made her lose ‘single’ friends who did not understand her new life.
As we all know Corazon delivered her son via CS hence she needed to recover and also dedicate time for the baby.
Given that she delivered at a time when Covid-19 was still rampant she could not travel or go out to party as she used to and this rubbed some people wrongly.
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Taking to her social media, the mother of one shared,
”Becoming a mom I lost a lot of single, no-children friends. They just couldn’t understand my new life. No one tells you how hard your social life will be hit ??.
So every single moment away from my precious baby is taken with so much appreciation.
I dress my best, show my thick thighs, makeup (mmmhh, hapa I’m still looking for help), and enjoy myself to the max.”
Kwamboka delivered her son ten months ago.
She is in a relationship with Fitness trainer Frankie Kiarie and by the look of things losing friends has not dampened Kwamboka’s spirit as she is still enjoying time with her family.


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