Hezeh Ndungu’s second wife Mary Wa Hezeh despite her being an Akurinu gospel artist, she has secured herself a job at OJ Lounge.

Mary was married to Hezeh Ndungu as his second wife, after being blessed with a one child, these couple divorced leaving Mary more heartbroken.

Currently, Mary is doing unusual things on social media, she has been imitating her husband’s mode of dressing, she has also been abusing people on social media.

In an interview with Ngugi Wa Karanja MC, Mary said that she has secured herself a job at OJ Lounge where she will be entertaining people at night.

Mary said that she will be entertaining people with her husband’s songs as well as with her unique dressing code. She will be present in OJ Lounge from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Mary said that her big job is to entertain people there and no any other business.


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