It was an emotional moment at the Bahati’s show launch, an event that was graced by the deputy head of state, Rigathi Gachagua. Before making his remarks as the chief guest, he told the creatives who had already gathered that he is very much aware of what takes place in the entertainment industry and that he could not let go of that moment without mourning and paying respect to Njambi Koikai, who passed away recently.

Rigathi Gachagua eulogised Njambi Koikai as a celebrated reggae artist and DJ who passed away too soon. He further told all the artists to stand up for a minute and observe silence in order to honor the departed warrior, who was one of the cornerstones of the entertainment industry.

The room fell into a solemn silence as the creatives stood together, united in their grief and respect for Njambi. The emotional tribute underscored the deep sense of community within the entertainment industry and highlighted the lasting impact Njambi Koikai had on her peers and fans. Her legacy, marked by her indomitable spirit and love for reggae music, will be remembered and cherished.

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