Kenya’s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua had a few words of advice to offer youths and creatives during his guest appearance at Bahati and Diana Marua’s reality TV launch that went down yesterday evening, at a a city hotel in Nairobi.

Taking the podium, Rigathi who now goes by the moniker Riggy G highlighted that loving money was not a crime, how you put that money to use is what really matters. According to the seasoned politician, half the time money is useless especially if it cannot bring you happiness.

“You guys make good money and money is good. I know we the Gikuyu’s have been accused of loving money a little too much but all Kenyans and everyone in the world loves money,” started off the deputy president humorously as seen in a video posted on Mpasho’s Instagram page.

He went on to encourage people to not only strive to make money but to also ensure they consciously invest it well to avoid suffering and wallowing in debt when old age finally does catch up with them.

“But money is useless it is only legal tender. Money is only useful in what it can do to get you happiness. When you are young and enterprising you make money but one day you will grow old and you will not be able to make more money.

So please invest your money wisely with the money that you make when you are young and creative,” Riggy G candidly said.

Reacting to the Instagram post netizens were a little divided with most fully appreciating the advice and agreeing with the DP’s sentiments while some appeared displeased as they voiced their annoyance with the taxes and the governments “failure” to fully support creatives.

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