Boychild, Kamene and Jalas are on your side today.
On the Morning Kiss they asked these babes who are always asking for money, clothes, alcohol, food, etc, how have they been surviving without these new men in their lives?
“For the whole twenty-something years, you have been living but as soon as you meet me, now you cannot live.
You have been eating, having your nails done for all these years for yourself.” Jalas said
Kamene called out those ladies who solicit as low as 1000 bob for pizza.
“I do not understand. No offense ladies, you guys are really doing the most. People are soliciting pizza. You cannot eat until it is bought. So you will die hungry ama? We are soliciting for a go surely?
Today if a chic wants to go on holiday, she will take a picture of her on a precious holiday and then post it and say someone take me back.”
Laughing out loud, Jalas also called out those ladies who post pictures when they want to go on holiday.
“These days what they do, it take pictures from the internet and tag, me and someone’s son. And a man is here saying this chic could sit on me like this? Let me fuliza I could be someone’s son. Next thing you know, she has taken a picture on a plane saying ‘someone’s son’.”
The main message here is, boychild, be woke.
“We are always empowering the girl’s child. This here morning, machali this is for you. Do not fall for this trap. Msitoe doh, flight or pay an uber. Do not buy pizza we see if they will die.”


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