Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) Philomena Mwilu’s impassioned plea for justice reverberates across Kenya following the tragic shooting of Magistrate Monica Kivuti, who was delivering a court judgment when she was fatally wounded by police gunfire. In a tearful and heartfelt moment during Kivuti’s memorial service, DCJ Mwilu tearfully expressed the collective anguish and outrage felt by many Kenyans.

“We are all employed by Kenyans. We all pay taxes. Protect us, don’t kill us,” Mwilu emotionally implored, capturing the frustration over the incident that has sparked national outcry and demands for accountability.

Magistrate Monica Kivuti’s untimely death has cast a spotlight on the safety and security of judicial officers in Kenya. The shooting, allegedly by police, has drawn sharp criticism and calls for thorough investigations into the circumstances leading to her tragic demise.

DCJ Mwilu’s poignant words underscore the broader concerns about the rule of law and the protection of judicial independence in Kenya. Her emotional appeal resonates deeply in a country grappling with systemic issues of police brutality and impunity.

In response to the public outcry, government officials have pledged a swift and transparent investigation into the shooting, promising accountability for those responsible. However, the incident has ignited debates about police reforms and the need for stricter protocols to ensure the safety of judiciary personnel while they perform their duties.

As Kenya mourns the loss of Magistrate Monica Kivuti, DCJ Philomena Mwilu’s emotional plea serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to protect and uphold justice in the country. It is a rallying cry for reforms that safeguard the lives and rights of all citizens, emphasizing the importance of accountability and justice for those who serve the nation’s judicial system.

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