Have you ever been fooled by someone into believing they love you, only for them to disappear when they get what they wanted? And now you are left feeling like such an idiot?
A Tiktok user with the username @specsandblazers is trending after revealing she bought her boyfriend a car and used the bus, because she believed he would eventually be a famous rapper whose riches would benefit her.
She considers this a clown moment because it never worked out and he left her after she bought him the car.
People have commented that many others do worse things for love as she continued to confess that she is now rich and has learnt her lesson.
She wrote “Thinking about this time I bought a man a car and I was catching the bus…because he was going to be a ‘famous rapper’ one day”
She added that “That was over a decade ago, I am now rich and he never left town, I now practice hypergamy ruthlessly”


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