A viral clip of a Chinese national getting drop kicked after he attacked an African worker with a steel rod has raised eyebrows and elicited a lot of reactions.
The clip’s popularity spread further after someone added a DJ Afro-like commentary to it.
Watch it below.
Now, the China Railway Seventh Group has released a statement putting the video into context.
In a statement dated June 9, 2021, the company explains, “The conflict between a Chinese CRSG staff and a Sierra Leonean Kingho staff at our repair shop at Tonkolili Minc Sitc as Micad in the video clip on the social media was an unexpected and isolated case.”
Adding, “The management of China Railway Seventh Group is of the view that the behaviour of the Chinese national concerned is unacceptable and wrong no matter what the cause is.
CRSG wishes to apologize for the unfortunate incident and has decided to relieve the Chinese national of his duty immediately.
CRSG requires all of its staff to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the country and sincerely wishes that similar events will no longer occur.”


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