Brown Mauzo’s first wife, Fatma, has called him out for being an absentee father to their child.
Fatma yesterday blasted Brown Mauzo for engaging Vera Sidika and marrying her yet he hasn’t terminated their marriage legally.
She termed Vera’s union to Brown as “nyumba ndogo”. Meaning she is a second wife.
“For those asking yes he is that kind of a father one who pops up one day and he is gone for the rest of the year. I hope it answers your question.”
In the post, Fatma who was posting on behalf of her child added, “And yes he is still my mother’s husband (legally) so Vera is nyumba ndogo. But hio nyumba iko wapi?”
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Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)
Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)
In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, she said she had to call him out.
“I don’t really want to go into further details with this story and I don’t want to sound rude, but I had to say what I only felt was important about “As a mother what you only hope is for your child to see a male figure around, but hey, God’s work, this [child with Vera] will be his fourth child and the man cannot change, I guess it’s his nature.”
Fatma concluded,
“People have raised fatherless kids and are doing okay.I have no beef with Vera she seems to be a good person at heart and I am sure she will be a great mother. I just hope he mans up.”
Brown Mauzo will be welcoming his fourth child with his wife Vera. He has three other children with two other women.


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