Socialite Vera Sidika has shared tips on how one is supposed to deal with heartbreak after a breakup.
In a QandA session with her fans on Instagram, Vera was asked by one of her followers how she dealt with heartbreak before moving on with her now-husband Brown Mauzo.
She said she wasn’t only coping with heartbreak but she was single for 8-9 months.
Explaining how she managed, Vera said she avoided thinking about the whole situation and got other things to do.
”First days, it is normal to go through pain. On day 2, my mind gets focused and distracted. I find things to do and avoid thinking about the situation. When you do, you don’t even bother. Your ex gets frustrated because he expects you to be hurting and calling like a desperate person. Even if you are the one who ended it.”
She added that after a week goes without hearing from you, the ex will stress the hell out of you with calls. Giving you more power over the situation.
”But don’t ever call him, crying and begging. The more you do that, the more powerful he feels. You will be feeding his ego and he’ll push you away even more.
Just go cold turkey. Don’t talk to him at all. This will help you move on faster or get him back. Depending on what you really want. You decide.”
Vera who is approaching her third trimester said she will open an IG page for her child and will reveal her face as soon as she arrives.
Vera was dating Otile Brown before moving on with Brown Mauzo.
She told her fans that she is no longer friends with Otile.


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