Alex Mwakideu Marks 5 Years Of Sobriety

Alex Mwakideu Marks 5 Years Of Sobriety

Celebrated Kenyan radio personality Alex Mwakideu has marked 5 years of sobriety after deciding to quit alcohol.

The Radio 47 presenter infact marked the milestone on Wednesday the 20th of March, via a post on his Instagram account.

Photo: Alex Mwakideu

In the post, Alex Mwakideu shared a photo of him sitting at some hotel while having coffee, and reiterated that he had quit taking alcohol.

The radio guru was also clearly over the moon because of how far he has come since 2019 when he started his sobriety journey.

“Kahawa tu…Pombe tuliwacha since 2019! My 5th year clean! God is faithful 🙏🏿 #MySoberLife”.

Alex Mwakideu’s post elicited massive reactions from netizens, who were impressed by his achievement and congratulated him.

Among the people who did so was his adorable wife Mariam Mwakideu.

Photo: Mariam Mwakideu and Alex Mwakideu

The beauty queen took to the comment section of Alex Mwakideu’s post and wrote;

“👏👏👏 Good job baby”.

Why Alex Mwakideu quit taking alcohol
According to reports, Alex Mwakideu stopped drinking alcohol completely after he almost missed his first flight due to being drunk.

This actually happened awhile back, when the father of three got an opportunity to travel to Germany through his then boss, and he had everything paid for.

Alex Mwakideu revealed this in an interview that he had with Oga Obinna, where he said that on the day that he was supposed to travel, he went to drink with his buddies.

It only hit him that he was supposed to travel when it was 30 minutes to time.

“I got to Nairobi early and my flight was at night and I had some money so I was wondering what to do with it. So I called my friend Chiko Lawi and told him I am in Nairobi and he came with some friends to the airport” he said.

Alex Mwakideu even had to bribe the airport officials so that they could allow him to travel while drunk, as they had told him to go home and come the next day.

“There was no way I would have gone back home. What would I have told my boss? And there were also people waiting for me on the other side in Germany. So I begged those people. I told them I knew I messed up but if I don’t get on that flight, my career would have been finished”.

“The boss came, saw me and asked me if there was anything i had remained with and I only had Kshs 2000. I gave him and he allowed me to go and board the plane, five minutes before it left. And that’s one of the reasons I stopped drinking” Alex Mwakideu added.

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