Actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja of Papa Shirandula says she went back to her cheating boyfriend.
Speaking in a recent episode on Wicked Edition Awinja said she got into a relationship while still very young.
That is immediately after she completed high school.
Her boyfriend had saved his side chic’s contact as “Mom” but little did she know that her man was dating another girl without her knowledge.
“I don’t know about now, but before i have been cheated on and I went back. I was still young. I used to suspect him, but because I had no proof, I couldn’t ask him,” she said.
“One time, we had gone for a shoot alongside his friends. Then his phone rang, I saw ‘Mum’. He started saying he missed her, his chapos.”
After the phone conversation, Awinja says friends started making fun of her boyfriend. They knew it was his Mpango wa Kando and not his mum.
“There is no enemy to your relationship than your boyfriend’s ally. They know all the secrets.”
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Jacky Vike aka Awinja
She later sneaked into his phone, something she said she regrets doing.
“The worst mistake you can do is to peep into his phone. I went through it and found romantic messages, that’s when I knew he had saved a girl as his mum. They had been even talking at night,” she shared.
After Awinja left, her boyfriend tried to make amends with her and surprisingly enough she took him back despite vowing never to get back with him.
She revealed that she regrets the decision of taking him back citing that she was young at the time.
She added that she has outgrown and if the same happens now, she would walk out and move on.


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