Nairobi’s nightlife has been cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Even though health protocols advise people to avoid crowded places like clubs, Kenyans are still partying hard even past curfew hours.
Different people visit the club for their own personal reasons.
Some go there to have fun, others want to release stress, and the rest might just be hoping that they will hook up with someone.
Men in the club portray different characters, some of the behaviours are weird and can also get annoying.
Here is a list of the different types of men you will find at a club in Nairobi;

  1. Ladies man
    This kind of man loves treating ladies well. He offers to pay for shots of Tequilla for the queens without worrying much about the bills.
    If he did not accompany some ladies to the club, he will set his eyes on one and buy her drinks.
  2. The Mike Tysons
    This category of men like sending blows all over the club as if they are competing for a boxing match.
    They are the kind of men who get violent when drunk and will resort to physical exchange after the slightest provocation.
  3. Third-wheeler
    He accompanied a group that was not interested in tagging him along to the club.
    Most of them smell of brokenness. If you are keen enough, you will notice that he is just relying on his friends to buy him drinks.
  4. Hopeless romantic
    This type of man came to the club to try his luck on love.
    He may talk to various ladies in the club trying to woo one to be his girlfriend.
    The worst part is that they could be looking for a one-night stand in the club.
  5. The Lone Ranger
    This kind of man arrived at the club alone, and will most definitely leave alone.
    Mostly, he likes sitting alone at the counter of the club, enjoying the music while glued on his seat.


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